The Sky Lodge is available in 3 different sizes:

  • Sky Lodge 220
  • Sky Lodge 180
  • Sky Lodge 140

Sky Lodge 220

The Sky Lodge 220 is our largest tent and fits families/groups up to four adults. It is even possible to add an extra bed in the living room. The Sky Lodge 220 is mostly placed on a wooden structure. Other materials are negotiable.

The Sky Lodge has a standard extension with 12 sqm floor space.

Sky Lodge 140 and 180

The Sky Lodges 140 and 180 are mostly only used for sleeping spots so a additional living space is not often used. The guest that rent these Sky Lodges are mostly people that only search a stay for one to three nights.

For the Sky Lodges 140 and 180 its possible to add an extension and so create an smaller Sky Lodge.

The Sky Lodges 140 and 180 can be used as an annex of the Sky Lodge 220 to easily create extra places to sleep. The combination also increases the rentability. Two Sky Lodges 220 with a 140 in between gives you the opportunity to switch easlily and optimize the setting for each family or group.